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September 16, 2017

This was posted on our private blog but now I decided to share this with the world.

السلام علايكم


Friday ; 24 June 2016

Vacuum-assisted delivery, 1.30am at PUSRAWI Kota Damansara.
Discharged at 4.30pm.

Monday ; 27 June 2016

Referred to ED Hosp. Serdang from KK Batu 14 Puchong due to severe NNJ.
Admitted to NICU.
TSB on admission was 427. We were informed about the potential blood transfusion & my blood sample was taken as preparatory action.
Repeated TSB at 12am was 421 and thus no blood transfusion is necessary.
He was put under intensive phototherapy.

Tuesday ; 28 June 2016

Morning TSB was 286 so he was changed to single photo but 12pm TSB was 300, it rebounded, hence he was again put under intensive photo.

Friday ; 1 July 2016

After being put under single photo, specialist decided to switched off his photo on morning round.
TSB is to be repeated at 6pm to determine if rebound happen.
TSB at 6pm was done & it went down, slightly, and he was finally discharged from NICU at 8.30pm.
He was scheduled for further jaundice follow up at KK.

Wednesday ; 6 July 2016

First Eid for Erselan. yayy!

Monday ; 11 July 2016

Referred from KK to Paeds Clinic Hosp Serdang for prolonged jaundice.
Blood & urine sample were taken.
Erselan was well & healthy, despite being a lil bit yellow.

Wednesday ; 13 July 2016

I noticed he was hot at 6.15am but cant determined his body temperature because we didnt own a thermometer.
Did tepid sponging and his body seemed to cool down a bit. Then hubby decided to bathe him.
Decided to take him to Nadi Iman Clinic at 10.30am because his body was still a bit hot & he refused to nurse as usual.
Referred to ED as presumed sepsis & then admitted to NICU.
He was diagnosed as E.coli UTI due to the previously taken urine culture result taken at Paeds Clinic.
They started him on cefuroxime at 5pm, to complete for 7 days.

Monday ; 18 July 2016

Urine C&S taken on Friday (15 July) came out clean.
He completed day 5 antibiotic at 8pm.

Wednesday ; 20 July 2016

Completed antibiotic at 6pm.
Discharged at 8pm after hubby came back from home.

Sunday ; 24 July 2016

Erselan is one month old! :)
Aqiqah was done.

Tuesday ; 26 July 2016

Hubby shaved Erselan's head.
Finally Erselan is bald. hehe

Today, Saturday ; 16 September 2017

Erselan is 1 year 3 months old.

Wassalam 안녕